Buying the Ideal Cross Pendants

May 12th, 2010

If there was one very recognizable piece of jewelry, it would have to be cross pendants. For many centuries, people have been showcasing this design and theme as a way to signify their faith or like today, as a simple fashion accessory.

It might not be possible to find the exact dates on when these were first used, but somehow it can be traced back to around 1000-1400 AD. This was the time when these gold Christian pendants first came to be used.

In the Middle Ages, a special demand for pendants came since the costume at that time was quite simple. The pendants highlighted the clothes and pretty much showcased the inclination of the wearer to religion.

Earrings were still not used at that time and thus, the most popular pieces to wear were necklaces and rings. More often than not, these jewelries were also engraved with special inscriptions that placed faith in an even higher pedestal.

Today, the popularity of the cross design has not faded. Every day, more people are rediscovering its beauty as well as its real meaning.

If there was a group that has helped spread the popularity of these cross designs, it would have to be celebrities.

Most† of the time, having a popular celebrity get photographed wearing Christian inspired jewelry is common. Hence, itís no surprise that so many other people want to have one too.

Even though itís great that these pendants are gaining popularity again, it can be difficult to find out what its real significance is anymore.

In the end, only the wearer knows what it means for him or her to wear a cross design on his or her necklace. Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that this design is timeless and a real classic.

If you are thinking about coming up with a gift for a special someone this holiday season, then why not get them cross pendants?

If the person you are giving it† to is religious or simply into the cross design, then these would serve as great holiday gifts.

However, before you pick out a particular design though. It is important that you go ahead and consider several things.

One, consider the person that youíll be giving it out to. Pay attention to the kind of jewelry they already wear and have. Are they wearing chunky or big jewelry or do they like to exhibit simple ones?

Second, consider the design. Do they prefer Celtic looking crosses? Ones with elaborate designs or just a simple cross pattern? Would they like the crucifixion cross design or one without the figure of Christ?

Third, would they prefer it in gold or silver? Although silver is the more common design for these pendants, there are great gold shaped crosses available.

It is important that you make the most out of your search so that you can find the right one.

Fourth, think about where you will be buying it. It is important to know whether you are getting it online or would you rather just buy it in a store.

When you look for one online, take note of the shipping dates to make sure it arrives on time, before Christmas day and not past it.

Just keep these tips in mind when you get you cross pendants and your search will become much easier; pretty soon you will find the right piece.

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Cross Necklaces and How They Came About

May 12th, 2010

Fashion enthusiasts agree that by 2010, cross necklaces will become an essential part of peopleís accessories. Even though there are already plenty of people that use them, fashion experts say that it will be a big trend in the coming year.

However, beyond the dictates of fashion, these cross necklaces actually have a more subtle, but significant meaning.

Anyone can use and wear a cross pendant, no matter what their religious inclinations are or their personal faith. People who believe in Christianity use it to represent that they have faith in the Lord; while people who wear them for fashion think that it enhances theirlooks.

The idea of wearing necklaces has been around for a long time, in fact, since ancient times.

People of the stone age actually decorated themselves with bones, mollusk, or stone necklaces.

Then the discovery of gold and silver came and these were also used as adornment and turned into necklaces.

One of the most specific examples of ancient necklaces would have to be ones coming from Egypt. The Egyptians made necklaces and used pendants, creating a bead neck jewelry.

Their necklaces consisted of gemstones that were arranged specifically to form special and intricate patterns.

The men and women of Egypt actually wore these necklaces to symbolize their faith and belief. They were a symbol of religion and also bore a cultural significance.

Nowadays, people are still looking to create the same statement when they display their own jewelry; hence, a cross necklace is still adored and prized by believers.

When you shop for cross necklaces, they donít have to be difficult. Even though there are a whole variety of designs to choose from, there is certainly one piece that youíll end up loving.

However, before you go ahead a get your own necklace, decide on where you will look for it first. In this instance, you have two main choices: either visit an online jewelry shop or go for a local Christian shop.

If you opt to go online, you will find a barrage of choices. There are literally hundreds of websites that sell Christian themed necklaces and jewelry. You will definitely find something that suits you.

However, the real gamble is if the product arrives and you end up not liking it or realize that itís not what you expected. You might need to go ahead and return it, or if they donít allow returns, then you would be stuck with it.

On the other hand, if you buy from a local shop, you eliminate the problem of not liking it. Since you can even try it on, it will be much easier to decide.

However, the problem is that your choices could be limited. You might not find anything you like in one shop so you might need to visit several others before you find the right design that you want.

Travelling from one shop to the other can prove to be quite a hassle unless you really donít mind doing this and going for the hunt.

Nevertheless, if you are really looking for cross necklaces then try not to give up so fast. Soon enough you will get the right piece that you have looking for all along.

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Church Bulletins – Knowing Why We Need It

December 13th, 2009

Churchgoers usually take church bulletins for granted. This is the reason why more churches are trying to figure out other means of attracting the attention of their members, and come up with ways to inform them of any upcoming events or announcements within the church community.

If you find yourself taking the lead for spreading church announcements through your bulletins, you can make use of several ways wherein you can try and catch the attention of your church mates.

There are several things that you can take into consideration before you actually create your own church bulletins.

First, what is it that you want to communicate to your church members? Would you be posting exclusive church events only? Or would you allow posting any other announcement that you think will interest the other members of the church, provided itís related to their faith?

Getting this straightened out will help you narrow down your choices to some of the more important announcements.

Two, figure out whether the postings that youíll make will communicate anything about your church or community. It is best to send out positive signals.

This is especially true if you have a big church, your church bulletins could be one of the few ways to reach your other non-active members of the church.

Third, you need to consider the theme of your service. Most of the time, church bulletins are updated weekly so it is important that it contains information that is related to the service given by the pastor or priest.

Churches often make use of the church bulletins as a primary way of communicating to its members. This is a powerful tool that can help members and even visitors to know more about the church as well as the upcoming events and activities it has in store.

Usually, you will find postings of important times, events, dates, or other service opportunities on the church bulletins, at the same time; it can also serve as a great teaching tool by providing outlines of the given sermon.

Whatever specific purpose you might have for your church bulletins, one thing is clear, it is important that your bulletin works to help your congregation and provides support for your church.

Here are some things that you might need to do and have so that you can make your church bulletin a success.


Before making your church bulletins, it is a must that you go ahead and know what it is going to be used for. Find out whether you need it to post exclusive church information only, or if you want to use it as a discipleship tool at the same time.

If itís possible, get someone to help you out with in organizing and updating the bulletin every week.


Come up with a good pattern for your board, this will allow your audience to take the content much easier. This would of course, depend on the content of your board, so it is important to take that into account as you come up with this idea.

Your bulletin can contain a statement of your church vision and mission, event information, letter from the senior pastor, visitor information card, church information or maybe even an outline of the sermon.


Although it can be an unusual concept to integrate into your church bulletins, it is important that you are able to grab the attention of the reader by placing importance into the packaging. You can coordinate the colors as well as images that go into your board and maybe have consistent logos so that you provide visual interest for the readers.

It shouldnít be a tough job to create your own church bulletins. The important thing is that you should make it simple but interesting and at the same time certain that it will communicate about the Lordís Word.Organizing and creating your church bulletins should not be difficult. Just make it simple, but true and you should be able to use the bulletin as a great tool to further communicate with members and spread the word of the Lord.
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Bible Explorer – A Helpful Way of Unraveling the Bible

December 13th, 2009

Understanding the Bible is made whole lot easier by using the Bible Explorer softwares. The Bible is one of the most significant books in the history of the Christian church.

If you are a devoted Christian, one thing that you know is crucial to your faith would be to understand the stories in this Holy book since it contains all of the foundations of the Christian faith.

Itís not always easy to teach the Bible or understand the passages or stories outlined inside the text. Just like any other book, the Bible is often mysterious and the interpretation of the stories can sometimes be subjective.

To help you out with this problem, the Bible Explorer software was developed. This software was designed to help shed light on the meaning of the Bible passages as well as common interpretations for the stories, especially the challenging ones.

Using this software allows you to read and understand the Word of God in as easy and convenient manner. It is loaded with plenty of great features that can make Bible reading and studying an enjoyable habit.

For example, you are unsure of the meaning that a particular passage wants to convey. You can turn to the commentary option and get an idea about the passage.

With your Bible Explorer, you can also cross reference some passages with each other. You can even get multiple language translations at the same time; you can use this to your advantage especially if you want to study the linguistics of the Bible.

Your Bible study time is made so much easier by using the Bible Explorer software.

When you use the Bible Explorer, expect to get several advantages and benefits. Here are some of the best points that you can expect from using this software.

Resource Access

One thing thatís great about the Bible Explorer is that you can access a huge library of resources. These are quite easy to use and navigate, making it so much easier for you to find the answer that youíve been looking for.

In fact, you can even go through this software without even opening the tutorial videos because they are so easy to use and navigate.

Easy to Personalize

You can also personalize this software according to your preference and liking.

Most people like highlighting important Bible passages, this is also possible in your very own Bible Explorer.

There are over 12 vibrant colors that you can choose from; you can even arrange the windows according to your preference. You can create notes for things that you want to write about the passage, so that you can go back to it later on and use it for reference or evaluation.

Effortless Sharing

When it comes to our faith, it is important to be able to discuss and share it with other people. With this software, doing this is quite possible. You can join a community of people that are also striving to understand and learn more about life and their faith. There are even forums that will allow you to post your prayer requests so you can ask people to help you pray for your needs.

With the help of the Internet, the Bible Explorer will allow you to reach out to a community of like-minded individuals looking to further deepen and strengthen their knowledge and faith in the Lord.
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December 13th, 2009

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